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Published: Monday, 06 February 2017



Our primarily focus is on the cutting-edge IT services (e.g. mobile data, IoT) from both the (network) technology and applications side. ComResult strives to partner with companies who have excellent know-how and products in order to serve our customers better.

The secondarily focus is on existing technologies and to ensure that our customers are ready for new technologies and keep in pace with industry trends (e.g. 5G, IoT, femtocells, NFV and a fully connected and digitized world).

Both the technology consultant and the business consultant is capable of:

  • Bridging the commercial and technical area’s and departments involved;
  • Integrate IT and Telecom concepts and/or solutions;
  • Perform professional project management;
  • Present and persuade on objective arguments.



The ComResult professional services consist of business and technology consultancy. This is primarily focused on services related to mobile data, IoT solutions and the telecommunication market segment in general.

Examples of the new and upcoming technologies in the current market are: NFV, 5G, Web 3.0, IoT related technologies (LoRa, Sigfox, ZigBee, (i)Beacon etc.), femtocells and many more. Beside the new technology consultancy we also provide consultancy for currently deployed technologies, services (e.g. 2G/3G mobile networks (OSS/BSS), LTE, VoLTE, xDSL, Identity Management etc.).

The type of professional services is as follows:

  • Technology consultancy, offering high end support for analysing and realising the relevant technologies required to provide and operate the services or product.
  • Business consultancy, offering high end support by strategically advising and realising added value in order to gain revenue from the available resource (e.g. network, product components, ideas etc.).


The services and products are aimed to establish and enforce the competitive position of our customers in their market by using our technological expertise, business sense, creativity, experience, project management and marketing skills to our Customer's benefit.



Products & Solutions

ComResult strategy for the short to middle term is to develop and marketeer IT related products and solutions. Our product portfolio view is outlined below.


1> Business Tools, supported by software tools, designed to offer cost reduction and an increased utilization of available network capacity. These business tools could be:

  • Software solutions offering enhanced quality of service differentiation;
  • Concepts on how to optimize your infrastructure or return on investment;
  • Several templates for project planning, business cases, traffic and network modelling and dimensioning


Business tools are designed to decrease the time-to-market, speed up projects and design; all positioned to act as a catalyst and USP for the high end consultancy of ComResult.


2> IoT (Internet of Things) covers a wide range of topics; from complete automated Smart Cities to the simplest heart beat sensor. And the IoT will lead to automation in nearly all industries and boundaries between domains will be fading (without acting your company could risk a disruptive situation). ComResult can support you in this transition by:

* IoT solutions, designed and tailored to solve our customer's problem in his (IoT) environment. The solution can be built upon our internally used IoT product which easily allows us to fully customize and provide a premium solution. Examples of such solutions are: presence detection and analysis (e.g. retail optimization), build and collecting sensor data (big data), full track and trace solution (vehicles, handtrucks etc.), integration of your solution in IoT networks (such as Lora).

* IoT Embedded System, on customer request a fully customized embedded systems can be developed. Examples are: system with sensors for your agricultural company to measure humidity, temperature etc. and store information in the cloud, company parking garage to be extended with park sensors and information to be stored in the cloud etc.

* IoT products, designed as (whitelabel) standalone product or to provide premium solutions for our customers. The IoT Gateway supports all IoT relevant protocols and has a build-in Rule Engine and option to connect to the cloud. Our Gateway product allows us to realize IoT solutions with the greatest flexibility, speed, quality and low costs. For detailed information please contact us.

IoT tree



In case you are looking for more detailed information feel free to call us and we are more than happy to evaluate your situation together.

For the middle and long term strategy, ComResult ambition is to grow and expand the product portfolio. For 2017 we have the strategic goal to expand our partnerships and launch the initial IoT products in the EMEA market.