good work,thank You…but most of them are dead trees…. Easy. I Shit You Not. This list is about furniture, place-able objects, containers, books and ligths – basically stuff that can make your virtual home pretty.. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. My extensive search on the web has come to an end because i just cant find anything (except for a giant Windhelm dining table set which is far too big). But fortunately there are other people, like you, who can actually make some good use of the stuff I dig up with. 00093D39 Rug01 00093D3F Rug04 Here is a list of some of my favorite "hard and not so hard to acquire" item codes to get you started, c29dd  (small shelf witb irregular compartments), (the following 905 codes are FLOOR codes, meaning that they will be fixed in place like furniture), 400f39b  (mead barrel with interactive tap), 21ea3  (statue of dibella with grey robe), 7f8df  (crown or barenziah with display head), a19fe  (Lis, the Dark Brotherhood spider). Loading... Advertisement Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a … Steam Workshop: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. 000E9D7C SOVRugCMid01 Height Level Corrections: When you spawn a piece of furniture and find that it is half submerged in the floor or hovering a considerable distance above the floor, you will need to go back to your save point, change to tcl (collision off) mode, look straight down at the floor, and then adjust your height accordingly using the forward and back controls. VERY RARELY will I manage to place an item perfectly on a shelf with my first attempt, and it can become a very lengthily and tiresome exercise. 000B7E3E Rug09 But it is because it has all grown over timeThanks for offering a donation, but I am doing this site for fun and not for profit. Find below a searchable list of all Skyrim cheats, also known as commands, for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PC and Mac (Steam).. To open the console in Skyrim, press the ` key (grave) or ~ key (tilde). 000B958A WRRug01, 00079577 WRJorrvaskrRugStr01 This page contains Item Codes for the various types of Armor in Skyrim.. This is a disambiguation page—a navigational aid which lists other pages that might otherwise share the same title. Another Dragonborn named "The Beast", the most powerful of all my Dragonborns, also a Werewolf,  with a unique enchantment prowess I have been unable to surpass with any of my other characters. Kvakis! Pages in category "Skyrim-Hearthfire-Furnishing Options" The following 12 pages are in this category, out of 12 total. ), This is another angle of the previous room. 1 (TGBook0NightingalesVolume01), 000F68AD : The Nightingales Vol. Dragons, long lost to the passages of the Elder Scrolls, have returned to Tamriel. 000B9674 WRRugSmall03 000CE659 WRJorrvaskrRugSquare01 The lighting/glow is done separately. How To Sell Custom Furniture Luxury Furniture Industry Furniture Industry Statistics. If an article link refers here, consider backtracking and fixing it, so that it points directly to the intended page. Though they are added to your home, common items and ingredients are not listed here. So, if you do want to have a few pieces of the original/default furniture, go ahead and do that. But then I found that unlike the setpos commands, I could see the results of the setangle commands only when I exited the command console. 000DEDDD WRCastleRugCEndR 000DEDD7 WRCastleRugBEndR To re-enter a command in console, you do not need to type in the whole player.placeatme command again, just use your up/down arrow keys to find your previous command, and then just hit the enter key again. Just a little reminder about some of object related console commands. 000E9D1B SOVRugAMid01 The EASY way to prevent all this work is to simply use the player.placeatme command (as mentioned above) to set the item at their feet in the first place (collision off). Thank You so very much for posting this!!!!!!! Sounds nice, you need to show us a picture once you are done 🙂, Could you please PLEASE add a list for lights? However, if the item is off center, too far to one side or facing in the wrong direction, you only need return to your save point and adjust your position accordingly, then of course repeat the commands to re-spawn it. 000BF9D3 Rug13 The Skyrim modding community has been developing some incredibly well-made armor mods for years. Spawning the Miscellaneous: When Spawning a Misc (miscellaneous) item suck as a precious gem like a diamond or a gold ingot, even an Ornate Drinking horn, the item may fly across the room after exiting your console. I have attached a link of the picture if someone could provide me with the item ID that would be awesome . It doesn't hurt to have two, and it's not like you didn't earn the item in the first place anyway, right? I also saw More Expensive Mercenaries Horses and Houses on SE which looked like a nice lightweight fix to go with choclates economy tweaks but Wyre bash flagged it as an old form ID so I decided to leave it out, not to cause … 2.5. 000BF9CF Rug11 This includes usable containers, rare ingredients, or items which were newly addedby Hearthfire. 000DEDDE WRCastleRugCEndL Then you will need to use your "left and right" controls to position yourself over the shelf. @Myrddin I’m hoping as well! 000954A5 RugRound04 A tasty platter of food fit for yet another Dragonborn in the chilly hills North of Whiterun. @Wyspr Cheers for the pre-modpack customisation options 😀. As you can see, she is also an Alcoholic. 000E9D1A SOVRugAEndR Do you know if anyone has sorted out the codes for lighting, ie., the wrought iron floor candelabra with lit candles or anything with lit candles? III (Book2CommonRisingThreatV3), 000ED5F7 : Rising Threat, Vol. I've heard around the mulberry bush that going into console and clicking on an item will bring up the items code, and it will, but not the code you need to spawn it! Thanks, glad to hear that they are useful. If I spawn a wardrobe that doesn’t have the “NO_RESPAWN” tag on it, inside of my house then will it respawn or not. I am more interested in game mechanics, tweaking stuff and lack the patience in furninishing the areas, getting the items to actually work. You can, if you are fussy like me, put in half points of scale size like "setscale .25" or "setscale 1.75". This category contains a list of pages detailing furnishing options for your custom-built home in the Hearthfire add-on for Skyrim. See the pick below for a look at the tiny Giant ornament I made for one of my trophy houses, or take a look at the miniature soldier I cursed to patrol outside of Solitude: Don't worry, setscale commands won't break your game, it's fine, and kinda funny too - Especially when the tiny guard looks up at you and says. Here are some examples: * When the list comes up, read through and use your page up/page down keys to scroll the lists that are too long to fit on the screen. Im trying to add another fire pit, like the one in the basement of proudspire , does anyone know if there is a console command to add this or any type of fire or brazier? Note: [axis] resembles the x,y,z axis for 3d positioning. Really hope this helps it helped me a ton! The first 2 digits of DLC codes are colored in blue, because they can change depending on your mod load order.If you can't find a code, please feel free to contact me.However, before you do, make sure that the item in question is part of vanilla Skyrim or the official DLCs. Besides the indoor furnishings, this. Also please note that the furniture provided in the Skyrim Elder Scrolls Edition can be deleted without fear of the item re-spawning later on, however any furniture provided in the building of your house through the Hearthfire Edition may re-spawn after 10-30 days. But this depends mostly on whether it's actually "furniture" or a "miscellaneous" item. I just had no solution for you. WHAT A HORRIBLE WASTE OF TIME! The ID will be in the window which pops up Scrolls, Potions, Ingredients, Food, Dragon Claws, Quest Items, Smithing Materials, Crafting Materials, Crafting Furniture, Flawless Gems, Soul Gems and Keys Search Results for "Furniture" Form ID 000DEDF4 WRCastleRugDEndL For example, if you spawn a chest, then reduce it to half the size, it may look smaller but you will still be able to walk into it as if it were the original size. Skyrim modders of Reddit, as a Christmas present my dad built me a gaming PC that is in the top 0.4% of all PCs in the world (according to him). One more note on getting the setangle to take effect. There are currently no product reviews. The only ones I could find ingame with the console were torches, they were under a categories named LIGH. To prevent re-spawning of Hearthfire furniture, go into console by pressing the ~ key near the top left hand side of your keyboard, then follow these instructions: * click on the item you want removed (make sure the ID code. 000DEDCC WRCastleRugAEndR Getting Stuck: when you spawn a piece of furniture you may find yourself stuck between the wall and the furniture, or in a corner somehow, unable to break free! 2. (keep in mind that you have two sets of scroll up and scroll down keys on your keyboard, and only one of those sets work. Page 1 of 2 - if anyone wants a large set of placeatme ID's - posted in Skyrim Mod Talk: Updated - I found a couple more items thought I would post them. Download SkyEdit if you lock the case with a number over 100 it will require a key to open. I’d like to make a little town, or a city could be good, i need base id list for Buildings. They can be acquired using the code player.additem in the command console. ), * exit console by pressing the ~ key again. @Matt ¡Regístrate GRATIS para conversar en 3D! This list is about furniture, place-able objects, containers, books and ligths – basically stuff that can make your virtual home pretty. See more ideas about Skyrim, Viking tent, Skyrim house. Thanks for the feedback. Don't be upset if the item ends up being way to high or low on your first attempt. You can click on more refined options, but all the tents will be listed After all, More often than not there will be enough light filling a room without adding more. Noble table and chair codes? I too thought that the setangle commands weren’t working for me. Permissions and credits Credits and distribution permission. Said that you could use the same setpos value that the object is already set at. Right now the number of extra armor mods you can download is so large that browsing any Skyrim mod forum will take you hours if you are solely looking for wears! - posted in Skyrim Questions and Help: Hey guys, I need some codes for the following table and chair sets, or just the tables will do because i know the chair codes. 00093D2A Rug02Rolled And, most importantly, nothing in this Guide will damage your game in any way. I admit this adjustment can be tedious and time consuming, even frustrating - but in most cases, as long as your feet are planted squarely on the ground when you are spawning an item, you will be OK. Fortunately, only a few items will spawn too high or too low, most of which are miscellaneous items like precious stones, some ingots, trophy bases and things like that. what’s the code of the single Horker light? For placing on a Table with no overhead obstacles to stop you, simply jump up on the table, position yourself as you would while placing any item, save the point as always then, once you have opened console, be certain that you take the Collision Off with the tcl command before entering your player.placeatme command. To send commands, simply type them into the console and hit ENTER.For more help opening and using the console, see our Skyrim console guide.. Thank you. Those would be very useful as well. I (Book2CommonRisingThreatV1), 000ED5F5 : Rising Threat, Vol. Generally, at least with furniture items, you will need a different item code to spawn it. I’m not 100% sure if all of them work since I haven’t tested them out, but they’re the same classification as the other rugs that I posted so they should work. USE: Type /ffid followed by a space then a number (1-6): 1 = Alchemy 2 = Blacksmithing 3 = Clothing 4 = Enchanting 5 = Provisioning 6 = Woodworking See this video for more data manipulation instructions and details: Click here to view my other addons, or view my Skyrim … The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995. When re-sizing your own spawned furniture you may need to "save and reload" to see the change. Thanks anyway for the fantastic list, it really helped me out making my own alternate start. Of course, the only problem with this strategy is that you will be spawning a duplicate of the same item, meaning that you will end up with one on display and another in your inventory. If for some reason the item you deleted does not actually disappear, even after "saving and reloading", then exit and re-enter the cell (House). [IMG][/IMG]. So take care with your picking and choosing. quite challenging to get working with just the console? In this instance, and in the words of my favorite author, Douglas Adam's; Don't Panic! I always say, "if you're placing items on shelves, then be sure you have nothing better to do with your time...", STOP ITEMS FROM JUMPING OUT OF DISPLAY CASES. 000DEDCD WRCastleRugAEndL 00093D35 Rug07Rolled on Pinterest. And since the release of Skyrim for PC the number of mods has only grown larger. Because I know there are variants in actual player homes that don’t respawn but I’m wondering wether or not these will respawn. 000E9D27 SOVRugDEndL e.g: One house for the Family, one house to store the stolen/treasured goods, one house to serve as a personal museum or grand armory, one house to suit the secret life of a contract killer, and sometimes I even build myself a small cabin/shack so I can get away from it all now and then. [/h1] I did not make … if i see something really cool somewhere and i would like to have one of those in my house – i want to be able to determine the items ID so i can place it in my house… any instruction? If you're like me, you will occasionally enjoy taking a break from the usual Skyrim Game-play to spruce up the old Skyrim Home. With those it is easier to get interviews, previews and stuff. Are you targeting the object you want to turn? :*, Great post, thanks… but as a console command noob I’m having trouble getting the commands to work, any chance of including the syntax patterns for the commands with each example? As specified in the title, this guide should only apply to PC players. hey, is there any ID For trees…i need ’em for decorating cities. Anyway try these trees: Thank you so much for this list. In order to prevent this from happening just close the display case, go into console, click on the display case, then enter the following code: the can be any number from 1 to 100, 1 being a novice lock, 100 being a master. It’s so fun to know I’m not the only person who is so immersed in this game. Skyrim console commands and cheats. (LetterRiftenBlackBriarMeadery01), 0001ACE9 : Azura and the Box (Book3ValuableAzuraandtheBox), 000DC176 : Balmora Blue Note (TGTQ02SabineNote), 00078DD2 : Bandit Leader’s Journal (dunRobbersGorgeJournal), 00083B01 : Bandit’s Journal (dunNeugradBanditJournal), 00083AFB : Bandit’s Journal (dunOrotheimJournal), 0002F83C : Battle of Red Mountain (SkillBlock5), 0001AFDC : Battle of Sancre Tor (SkillTwoHanded5), 0001B012 : Before the Ages of Man (SkillIllusion4), 0001ACC7 : Beggar Prince (Book2CommonBeggarPrince), 00021683 : Beware the Butcher! So be absolutely certain you save before each try. Hey great list! Here is a list of Command Codes you will be needing to complete any work referred to in this Guide: Regardless of which house you choose to move into, you will always have the option to have the place furnished with the original furniture provided by the game. It is kind of weird at the moment, 1500-2500 visitors come here regularly and I got only 73 likes … but I also refuse to nag people into them (pop-ups, etc). How do you determine an items ID in the game? Then you will need to look down at your feet and use your "backwards" control to rise off the floor to a height level you will need to guess at. Cool. See pic below: To make an item, any item bigger or smaller, simply enter console, click on the item or NPC in question, and type in the command: The can be any number from .01 to 10  (10 being the largest, .01 being the smallest, and 1 being default size). 000CE64E WRJorrvaskrRugEndR01 When the new setpos value is applied, the new setangle is applied as well. Oct 8, 2019 - Explore Darrell Brownlee's board "Skyrim Furniture that I want to build." Hey guys. Also does anyone know the codes for potato, cabbage and carrot plants? (LetterRiftenBeeandBarb02), 000D3E6B : Margret’s Journal (MS01MargretJournal), 000F1445 : Markarth Home Decorating Guide (HouseDecorateMarkarth), 000B3236 : Master Illusion Text (MGRitual02Book1), 000B3237 : Master Illusion Text (MGRitual02Book2), 000B3238 : Master Illusion Text (MGRitual02Book3), 000B3239 : Master Illusion Text (MGRitual02Book4), 000B716A : Medresi’s Notes (dunAngarvundeJournal01), 000DD125 : Merchant’s Journal (dunPOIChillwindJournal2), 000D30C8 : Midden Incident Report (dunMiddenInvestigationBook), 00055549 : Miner’s Journal (dunLostProspectMineJournal), 0001ACD1 : Mixed Unit Tactics (Book2CommonManualMixedUnitTactics), 00094D8B : Museum Pamphlet (DA07MythicDawnMuseumPamphlet), 0001ACD4 : Mysterious Akavir (Book2CommonMysteriousAkavir), 0005224A : Mysterious Note (DBEntranceLetter), 0001B013 : Mystery of Talara, Part 4 (SkillIllusion5), 0001AFC3 : Mystery of Talara, v 1 (Book0MysteryOfTalaraV1), 0001B018 : Mystery of Talara, v 2 (SkillRestoration5), 0001AFF0 : Mystery of Talara, v3 (SkillDestruction5), 0001ACF5 : Mystery of Talara, v5 (Book3ValuablePrincessTalaraV5), 00086EF8 : Mythic Dawn Commentaries 1 (DA07BookMythicDawnCommentariesV1), 00086EF9 : Mythic Dawn Commentaries 2 (DA07BookMythicDawnCommentariesV2), 00086EFA : Mythic Dawn Commentaries 3 (DA07BookMythicDawnCommentariesV3), 00086EFB : Mythic Dawn Commentaries 4 (DA07BookMythicDawnCommentariesV4), 0001ACB8 : Myths of Sheogorath (Book1CheapSheogorathMyths), 000DB0D7 : Mzinchaleft Guard’s Note (dunMzinchaleftGuardNote), 00088FE8 : Mzinchaleft Work Order (dunMzinchaleftWorkOrder), 0001AD0E : N’Gasta! This is, as you may have noticed, the front entrance to the Hearthfire house North of Solitude, belonging to one of my old time                                                                                                      favorite characters, Buttons. The ones that I’ve been able to find are (Myrddin add them to your list! (New reviews will appear within 15 minutes.) I hope anybody can help me, I’m desperately looking for codes on firepit or oven.. Did try the skyedit and it didn’t work.. Any leads? Skyrim Item Codes List. Ok, please disregard the premature questions from my last post. In the midst of this conflict, a far more dangerous, ancient evil is awakened. 000954A3 RugRound02 000B9675 WRRugSmall04 Items Don't Stay Put! 00093D31 Rug05Rolled 00095498 RugRound01 Here are some examples of what you should be able to do after reading this guide: Below is a different look on what was meant to be the Lakeview Manors East room kitchen, This is the opposing angle of the same room. * Actual Light Glow: each light glow code has its own amount of brightness and color hue. 000C8429 WRRugLarge04 When I started this site I was annoyed that I had to find all the id’s manually, especially since the console isn’t very comfortable to use and thought it would be nice to have a list like this to browse through 🙂, where can i get the list of base ids of buildings, hunter shacks, proudspire manor, bee and barb, any buildings that can be spawn by player.placeatme?? Le problème c'est que je ne trouve pas les ID de base de ces meubles je trouve le meuble invisible qui permet l'interaction mais pas le meuble en lui même. I didn’t see a category for them on your drop down tool, and I panicked. So just be sure you save before each spawn so that you always have an easier point to work from. 000E3ED3 WRCastleRugEEndR 000E9D7D SOVRugCEndL 00093D45 Rug07 Hey! (Be sure not to exit the, Console before putting in both of these commands). In any case just remember, saving and reloading only ensures the visual size of an item to change. @James I’m looking for a standard piece of furniture ID from the breezehome, I have searched under shelfs , containers , dressers . Skyrim Furniture Bundle! DONE! I actually just came across a few more from Whiterun (Jorrvaskr, The Castle, Hall of Dead) and Sovngarde (I think). Yes rugs have their own ID’s. Thanks a bunch!!! These Skyrim console commands and cheats will help you skip quests, re-spec your character, or alter the game world I’d post them if I had them 🙂 Hoping for someone else to find this post and help you out! The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim > General Discussions > Topic Details. Open it No Problem. HOW TO FIND CODES FOR ITEMS YOU WANT TO SPAWN. If anyone has any really cool codes to add to this list, such as fire for a fireplace, please feel free to let us all know! I found the immense list of decorations and lights you have compiled. To be certain that the code is the correct code, try clicking, on a few items surrounding it to see the code changes accordingly. It will come up with a window called ‘New Plugin’, press ok ^^ …and more than happy to do so! Thats allright, after all the hard work you’d done, I’m glad that I can help out. Quite often, if you are really uncertain about a save point and think you may want to return to that save point in order to adjust some issues, save that point by entering console and typing the following commands: * Be sure that the name of the save point is one words, even if it consists of, two or more words - here is a simple example:    save LIGHTINGISSUES. But i will be glad, if you guys list down all the base id for buildings in here, and i will thank if you guys help me out, i was planning this since like 3 weeks ago….:). ): 000BF9D5 Rug14 000DEDD8 WRCastleRugBEndL Thanks for the list 😀 It’s more extensive than others I’ve found. SWEET!!!!!!!!! It’s terrific. First stand in the position you want the furniture/item to be placed, then make sure you are standing straight and facing in the right direction by lining up your sight with vertical and horizontal lines of the house (be careful with this because not all the support beams of a house are perfectly vertical or horizontal, and so try to use door and window frames where possible). 00093D3B Rug02 Once again this problem is corrected by having your tcl set for collision off while spawning. I’ve only found the code for two candles on a plate. Its all already there but it won’t give me the option to move them, someone help me out? Here is a good example of when lighting turns out well (the dark corner of the Lakeview Manor Basement): * Light sources: Adding light sources such as Chandeliers, Candles, Lanterns and Sconces is done in the same way as placing any other furniture or wall mounts, and usually they will not add actual light to the room. It works. Oh! Go down the bold writing on the left hand side until you find what you want e.g ‘tent’ will be under Static, then Architecture getpos [axis] : returns the position in axis value of the selected object – getpos x, setpos [axis] [value] = sets the position of the selected object – setpos z 200, getangle [axis] = returns the angle of the selected object – getangle y, setangle [axis] [value] = sets the angle of the selected object – setangle x 45, rotate [axis] [value] = rotates the selected object manually – rotate x 45, 000BAD0C : Alchemy Lab (CraftingAlchemyWorkbench), 000D54FF : Alchemy Lab (CraftingAlchemyWorkbenchTabletop), 000EC970 : Altar (AltarOfMolagBalFurniture01), 000F11F1 : Altar of Dibella (BlessingKneelMarker), 000F9AA1 : Altar of Dibella (BlessingKneelSandboxMarker), 0001A2AD : Anvil (CraftingBlacksmithAnvil), 000BAD0D : Arcane Enchanter (CraftingEnchantingWorkbench), 000D5501 : Arcane Enchanter (CraftingEnchantingWorkbenchTabletop), 000C34AF : Bed Roll (MS04Bedroll01Vision), 000B8371 : Bed Roll Ground (BedrollGround), 0001EE50 : Bench (DweFurnitureHighBench01), 0001EDF6 : Bench (DweFurnitureHighBenchShort01), 00037DDA : Bench (InvisibleChairPlayerDouble), 00037D88 : Bench (InvisibleChairPlayerTriple), 00037A46 : Bench (InvisibleChairTripleMarker), 000CAE0B : Blacksmith Forge (CraftingBlackSmithForge), 000BF9E1 : Blacksmith Forge (CraftingBlackSmithForgeWR), 000A19DF : BoundCaptiveMarker (BoundCaptiveMarker), 00103445 : Carriage (CartFurniturePassenger), 0001EDF7 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01), 00027EC2 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01F), 00027EC3 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01FL), 00027ED7 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01FR), 00027ED8 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01L), 00027ED9 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01LR), 00027EDA : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair01R), 0001EE09 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02), 00027EF2 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02F), 00027EF3 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02FL), 00027EF4 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02FR), 00027EF6 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02L), 00027EFB : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02LR), 00027F01 : Chair (DweFurnitureHighChair02R), 00037DE8 : Chair (InvisibleChairPlayerSingle), 00037E15 : Chair (InvisibleChairPlayerSingleF), 00037AE4 : Chair (InvisibleChairPlayerSingleFL), 00037C94 : Chair (InvisibleChairPlayerSingleFR), 00037D7C : Chair (InvisibleChairPlayerSingleLR), 0010E42F : Chair (NobleChair02FrontIgnoreSandbox), 00104110 : Cooking Pot (CraftingCookingPotLG), 001010B3 : Cooking Pot (CraftingCookingPotSm), 00108230 : Cooking Pot (CraftingCookingPotSmNoHandle), 001010B4 : Cooking Pot (SmallCookingPotDBPoison), 00068ADB : Cooking Spit (CraftingCookingFireSpit), 0006E9C2 : Grindstone (CraftingBlacksmithSharpeningWheel), 00074B6E : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirt), 000E2408 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirtF), 000E240B : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirtFL), 000E240C : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirtFR), 000E2409 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirtL), 000E240D : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirtLR), 000E240A : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01CaveDirtR), 000E240E : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01Dirt01FL), 000E0BA9 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FallForestDirt01F), 000E0BAA : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FallForestDirt01L), 000E0BAF : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FallForestDirt01R), 00104B9C : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FDirt02), 00101A65 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FGrassSnow01), 001015FE : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01FSnow01), 000C4BF1 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01ImpExtWall), 000E23F9 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01ImpExtWallF), 000CCCDA : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01ImpExtWallFL), 000D88D7 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LCaveDirtL), 000D88D8 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LCaveDirtR), 000A4E08 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt01), 000E23FA : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt01F), 000264C8 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02), 000E23FB : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02F), 000E2400 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02FL), 000E23FF : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02FR), 000E23FC : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02L), 000E23FE : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02LR), 000E23FD : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirt02R), 000A4E09 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirtPath), 000E2401 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirtPathFL), 0006AF7E : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LDirtSnowPath01L), 000D1619 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LFallForestDirt01), 000DC365 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LFieldGrass01), 000E2402 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LFieldGrass01F), 000C2694 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LFrozenMarshDirt01), 000E2403 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LFrozenMarshDirt01F), 000C1988 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LPineForest03F), 000C2295 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LReachDirt01), 000ECFF5 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LReachDirt01F), 000E2405 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LReachDirt01FL), 000E2404 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LReachDirt01L), 000E2406 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LReachDirt01R), 0010308F : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LReachMoss01F), 000752B9 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LSnow01L), 000DC366 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LTundra01), 000E2407 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LTundra01F), 001036FF : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01LTundraRocks01F), 001015F5 : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01PineForest01F), 000F18FC : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01ReachGrassFL), 000752BC : Hay Pile (BedrollHay01Snow01R), 000D4848 : Healing Altar (WRTempleHealingAltar01), 0006411B : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarker), 000A035C : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarkerChild), 00037A1E : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarkerF), 00017041 : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarkerFChild), 00037A1F : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarkerFL), 00037A29 : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarkerFR), 00037A2E : Invisible Chair Marker (InvisibleChairMarkerLR), 000D7AFA : Invisible Shelf Marker (InvisibleShelfMarker), 00046EDE : Lay (DragonPriestCoffinMarker), 00074A4E : Lever (LeverPushAnimatingMetal), 0003913A : Lever (LeverPushAnimatingMetalNoPlayer), 000B7DB4 : Lever (LeverPushAnimatingNoPlayer), 000AA8C9 : Lever (LeverPushAnimatingPillarPuzzle), 00071C47 : Lumber Pile (ResourceObjectSawmill), 00083040 : Pillar of Sacrifice (DA02Pillar), 00084D1C : Pot (SpitPotClosed01NOTCRAFTING), 00109A7D : Pull Chain (GenPullChainAnim01NoPlayer), 00106513 : Pull Chain (NorPullChainAnim01NoPlayer), 0007CC0D : Sarcophagus (DBSancSarcophagusBedroll), 00037A47 : Sit (InvisibleChairDoubleMarker), 000BBCF1 : Skyforge (CraftingBlackSmithForgeSkyforge), 0009C6CE : Smelter (CraftingSmelterMarker1), 000FF134 : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedChildSingle01L), 00066023 : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedDouble01), 000F50FF : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedDouble01L), 000F5100 : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedDouble01R), 00066014 : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedSingle01), 0003B428 : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedSingle01L), 0003B427 : Stone Bed (DweFurnitureBedSingle01R), 00066015 : Stone Bench (DweFurnitureBench01), 00063DF0 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01), 0006E7A9 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01F), 0006E7AA : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01FL), 0006E7AB : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01FR), 0006E7AD : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01L), 0006E7AC : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01LR), 0006E7AE : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair01R), 00066024 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02), 0006E7AF : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02F), 0006E7B0 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02FL), 0006E7B1 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02FR), 0006E7B2 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02L), 0006E7B3 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02LR), 0006E7B4 : Stone Chair (DweFurnitureChair02R), 000C0C2C : Table (NobleLongTableWindhelm), 000727A1 : Tanning Rack (CraftingTanningRackMarker), 000E1965 : test (dunNightcallerSleepMarker01), 000EDF3B : TG08_CeremonyMarker (TG08_CeremonyMarker), 001075FE : The Mournful Throne (MarkarthKeepThrone), 000BD15D : This should not be visible (MS02PickaxeMiningFloorMarker), 000F9AF8 : This should not be visible (MS02PickaxeMiningTableMarker), 000BD15C : This should not be visible (MS02PickaxeMiningWallMarker), 000613A6 : This should not be visible (PickaxeMiningFloorMarker), 000613A7 : This should not be visible (PickaxeMiningTableMarker), 000E2BC7 : This should not be visible (PickaxeMiningWallMarker), 00102010 : Underforge Fountain (DrinkUnderForgeFountainMarker), 0007022E : Wood Chopping Block (WoodChoppingBlock), 0010F575 : Wood Chopping Block (WoodChoppingBlockCOPY0000), 000A91BF : Wood Chopping Block (WoodChoppingBlockSnow), 00074EC6 : Wooden Bar Stool (WoodenBarStool), 000D932F : Workbench (CraftingBlacksmithArmorWorkbench), 000EA33B : WriteOnTable (WriteTableStanding), 00107D99 : (AltarOfMolagBalFurniture01NoName), 0010BFE3 : (CraftingCookingPotInvisible), 000D6C36 : (dunLostValleyRedoubtAltar01L), 000F9ACC : (PickaxeMiningTableMarkerNonPlayer), 00108D3C : (SitCrossLeggedMarkerNoSandbox), 000FE549 : (WEExecutionerChoppingBlock2Seat), 0001A315 : (WhiteRunDragonTrap01Furniture), 00107EFA : (Wounded02FloorMarkerJorrvaskr), 000E6CC4 : Adventurer (dunFolgunthurAdventurer6), 000C2CD8 : All Clothing and Jewelry (QAClothingJewelryContainer), 000C2CD7 : All Enchanted Armor (QAEnchantedArmorContainer), 000C2CDF : All EnchantedWeapons (QAEnchantedWeaponContainer), 000C2CDA : All Ingredients (QAIngredientContainer), 000C2CDC : All Misc Items (QAMiscItemContainer), 000C2CE2 : All Potions (QAPotionContainer), 000C2CE1 : All Scrolls (QAScrollContainer), 0010D9FF : All Skill Books (QASkillBookContainer), 000C2CDD : All Soul Gems (QASoulGemContainer), 000C2CD9 : All Spell Tomes (QASpellTomeContainer), 000C2CD6 : All Standard Armor (QAArmorContainer), 000C2CE0 : All Standard Weapons (QAWeaponContainer), 000AF6AC : Apothecary’s Satchel (TreasAlchemySatchelCommon), 000AF6AF : Apothecary’s Satchel (TreasAlchemySatchelRare), 000AF6AE : Apothecary’s Satchel (TreasAlchemySatchelUncommon), 000E7A36 : Archmage Geirmund (dunGeirmundCorpse), 0004C6C6 : Aringoth’s Safe (TG02AringothSafe), 0010E882 : Barrel (BarrelFood01_NoRespawn), 00092B10 : Barrel (BarrelIngredientCommon01), 0010E884 : Barrel (BarrelIngredientCommon01_NoRespawn), 000FB9CB : Barrel (BarrelIngredientCommon01_Snow), 00092B13 : Barrel (BarrelIngredientUncommon01), 0010E885 : Barrel (BarrelIngredientUncommon01_NoRespawn), 000FB9CC : Barrel (BarrelIngredientUncommon01_Snow), 00101C95 : Black-Briar Mead Barrel (BlackBriarMeadBarrel01), 000DC9E7 : Book Shelf (PlayerBookShelfContainer), 00109D86 : Bookcase (WinterholdBookCase01), 00069E50 : Bookshelf (WRinteractiveBookshelfContainer), 000E82C2 : Brand-Shei’s Strongbox (FFRiften08BrandiSheiStrongbox), 0010FBF6 : Briar Heart Storage (MS12bBriarHeartStorage), 000B8F4B : Brynjolf’s Satchel (RiftenBrynjolfSatchel), 000B8F48 : Brynjolf’s Strongbox (RiftenBrynjolfStrongbox), 000AD06D : Burial Urn (E3DemoTreasHallofStories), 000F8120 : Burial Urn (MarkarthBurialUrn), 0001CD63 : Burial Urn (TreasRuinsUrnSmall01), 000BF146 : Burial Urn (TreasRuinsUrnSmall01EMPTY), 0001CD65 : Burial Urn (TreasRuinsUrnSmall02), 000BF147 : Burial Urn (TreasRuinsUrnSmall02EMPTY), 000DD061 : Burnt Corpse (MQ104BurntCorpse03), 000DD060 : Burnt Corpse (MQ104BurntCorpse04), 00042745 : Burnt Corpse (TreasBurntCorpse01), 00042746 : Burnt Corpse (TreasBurntCorpse02), 00042747 : Burnt Corpse (TreasBurntCorpse03), 00042748 : Burnt Corpse (TreasBurntCorpse04), 00042749 : Burnt Corpse (TreasBurntCorpse05), 00066181 : Calixto’s Chest (MS11CalixtoChestREF), 0003BB12 : Canopic Jar (DarkwaterJarWithKey), 0007CD37 : Captain’s Chest (TGTQ02CaptainsFootlocker), 000B9F8E : Chaurus Box (DONOTUSEFalmerContainer), 000FD834 : Chest (CWFortSoldierWoundedTentChest), 000D6712 : Chest (CWMission04ChestContainer), 00016ACA : Chest (CWQuartermasterChestImperial), 000FE485 : Chest (CWQuartermasterChestSons), 000C4DDA : Chest (DA04TowerOfMzarkCubeStorage), 000A0E42 : Chest (DelphineSecretRoomChest), 000BCD2D : Chest (DEMOBanditChestSmall01), 000BCD2C : Chest (DEMODraugrChestLarge02), 000BCD2F : Chest (DEMODraugrChestLarge04), 000BCD2E : Chest (DEMODraugrChestSmall03), 0006EA48 : Chest (dunKatariahCaptainsChest), 0006EA46 : Chest (dunKatariahEmperorsChest), 00108B2F : Chest (dunPurewaterRunSkillBookChest), 0010E05E : Chest (dunTreasMapTreasChestSpecial), 000998C2 : Chest (e3DEMOBanditChestSmall01), 000A2987 : Chest (MerchantDawnstarMadenasChest), 0009E0DA : Chest (MerchantDawnstarMortarPestleChest), 0009DA3F : Chest (MerchantDawnstarRustleifsBlacksmithChest), 0009DA46 : Chest (MerchantDawnstarWindpeakInnChest), 000ABD9E : Chest (MerchantDBSanctuaryMerchantChest), 000A6BF1 : Chest (MerchantDragonBridgeFourShieldsTavernChest), 0009E128 : Chest (MerchantDushnikhYalBlacksmithChest), 0009E129 : Chest (MerchantDushnikhYalWiseWomanChest), 00072786 : Chest (MerchantFalkreathBlacksmithChest), 000A6BF3 : Chest (MerchantFalkreathDeadMansDrinkChest), 0006A876 : Chest (MerchantFalkreathGraveConcoctionsChest), 000A6BFC : Chest (MerchantFalkreathGrayPineGoodsChest), 000AC9CE : Chest (MerchantFilnjarBlacksmithChest), 0009E491 : Chest (MerchantHeljarchenApothecaryChest), 0009E48E : Chest (MerchantHeljarchenBlacksmithChest), 000B2989 : Chest (MerchantHonningbrewChest), 000B31E8 : Chest (MerchantHonningbrewPostChest), 000A0706 : Chest (MerchantIvarsteadVilemyrInnChest), 000A3F25 : Chest (MerchantKynesgroveBraidwoodInnChest), 000A3F02 : Chest (MerchantKynesgroveDravyneaChest), 000ACB6C : Chest (MerchantLargashburAtubChest), 000ACB6F : Chest (MerchantLargashburBlacksmithChest), 0006479C : Chest (MerchantMarkarthAntonsChest), 0009E0D9 : Chest (MerchantMarkarthArnleifandSonsChest), 0009E0D8 : Chest (MerchantMarkarthBlacksmithChest), 0009437C : Chest (MerchantMarkarthBolisChest), 0006479F : Chest (MerchantMarkarthCastleBlacksmithChest), 0009E0D7 : Chest (MerchantMarkarthHagsCureChest), 0009437A : Chest (MerchantMarkarthKerahsChest), 00094384 : Chest (MerchantMarkarthSilverFishInnChest), 0009438A : Chest (MerchantMarkarthWizardsChest), 0009E46D : Chest (MerchantMorKhazgurBlacksmithChest), 0009E469 : Chest (MerchantMorKhazgurWiseWomanChest), 0009DA56 : Chest (MerchantMorthalFalionsChest), 0009DA59 : Chest (MerchantMorthalLamisChest), 0009DA53 : Chest (MerchantMorthalMoorsideInnChest), 000B3FE1 : Chest (MerchantNarzulburBlacksmithChest), 000B3FE0 : Chest (MerchantNarzulburWiseWomanChest), 0009E48B : Chest (MerchantNightgateInnChest), 0009E45F : Chest (MerchantOldHroldanHangedManInnChest), 000A0703 : Chest (MerchantRiftenBeeandBarbChest), 00065C36 : Chest (MerchantRiftenBeeandBarbTalenChest), 000A29AC : Chest (MerchantRiftenBlackBriarMeadery), 000A31AE : Chest (MerchantRiftenElgrimsElixirsChest), 000A31B5 : Chest (MerchantRiftenGrandPlazaBrandishChest), 000A31B4 : Chest (MerchantRiftenGrandPlazaGrelkaChest), 000A31B7 : Chest (MerchantRiftenGrandPlazaMadesiChest), 000A31B6 : Chest (MerchantRiftenGrandPlazaMariseChest), 000A29AD : Chest (MerchantRiftenPawnedPrawnChest), 000A29AE : Chest (MerchantRiftenRaggedFlagonChest), 000A31AF : Chest (MerchantRiftenScorchedHammerBlacksmithChest), 000A2988 : Chest (MerchantRiftenWylandriahsChest), 00078C0D : Chest (MerchantRiverwoodAlvorBlacksmithChest), 00078C0E : Chest (MerchantRiverwoodSleepingGiantChest), 00078C0C : Chest (MerchantRiverwoodTraderChest), 0009F250 : Chest (MerchantRoriksteadFrostFruitInnChest), 000A6C05 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeAngelinesAromatics), 000A6C06 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeBitsAndPieces), 000A6C07 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeBlacksmith), 000D6AA4 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeEastEmpireCompany), 000A6C0E : Chest (MerchantSolitudeFishAddvar), 000B2035 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeFletcher), 000A6C10 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeFruitEvette), 000A6C0F : Chest (MerchantSolitudeFruitJala), 000A6C04 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeRadiantRaiments), 000A6C08 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeStables), 000A2989 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeSybilleStentorChest), 000A6BF0 : Chest (MerchantSolitudeWinkingSkeeverChest), 000C644C : Chest (MerchantSpouseApothecaryChest), 000C644B : Chest (MerchantSpouseBlacksmithChest), 000C644D : Chest (MerchantSpouseInnkeeperChest), 000C644F : Chest (MerchantSpouseMiscVendorChest), 000C644E : Chest (MerchantSpouseSpellsChest), 0009DA5C : Chest (MerchantStonehillsAleucChest), 000AC9DA : Chest (MerchantTGArnskarChest), 000AC9DB : Chest (MerchantTGHerluinChest), 000AC9DC : Chest (MerchantTGVanrythChest), 00098BA3 : Chest (MerchantWCollegeColetteChest), 00098B9E : Chest (MerchantWCollegeDrevisChest), 000EE9F7 : Chest (MerchantWCollegeEnthirChest), 00098BA1 : Chest (MerchantWCollegeFaraldaChest), 00098BA2 : Chest (MerchantWCollegePhinisChest), 00098BA4 : Chest (MerchantWCollegeTolfdirChest), 0010C430 : Chest (MerchantWCollegeUragChest), 000ABB3E : Chest (MerchantWhiterunAnoriathChest), 0009CD45 : Chest (MerchantWhiterunArcadiasCauldronChest), 0009CAFA : Chest (MerchantWhiterunBannerdMareChest), 0009CAF8 : Chest (MerchantWhiterunBelethorsGoodsChest), 000ABB40 : Chest (MerchantWhiterunCarlottaChest), 0009F257 : Chest (MerchantWhiterunDrunkenHuntsmanChest), 0010FDE6 : Chest (MerchantWhiterunEorlundChest), 000A298A : Chest (MerchantWhiterunFarengarsChest), 0010C1D5 : Chest (MerchantWhiterunFraliaChest), 0009CAFD : Chest (MerchantWhiterunWarmaidensBlacksmithChest), 000A3F09 : Chest (MerchantWindhelmAvalAtheronChest), 000A3F17 : Chest (MerchantWindhelmBlacksmithChest), 000A3EFF : Chest (MerchantWindhelmCandlehearthHallChest), 000A3F14 : Chest (MerchantWindhelmCornerclubChest), 000A3F0C : Chest (MerchantWindhelmHilleviChest), 000A3F05 : Chest (MerchantWindhelmNiranyeChest), 000A3F10 : Chest (MerchantWindhelmRevynSadriChest), 000AF632 : Chest (MerchantWindhelmWhitePhialChest), 000A3F1B : Chest (MerchantWindhelmWuunferthsChest), 0009DA63 : Chest (MerchantWinterholdBirnaChest), 0009DA5F : Chest (MerchantWinterholdFrozenHearthChest), 000E7BCD : Chest (MerchantWinterholdNelacarChest), 000F684D : Chest (MQ201ElenwenOfficeChest), 000E3F97 : Chest (MQ201InterrogationChamberChest), 000A0DB5 : Chest (MQ201PlayerContainerNoResetNEW), 000A7922 : Chest (MQ201PlayerContainerNoResetOLD), 000C4493 : Chest (RiftenTempleCharityChest), 0008EA5D : Chest (TreasAfflictedChestBoss), 0007AA90 : Chest (TreasBanditChestBossEMPTY), 000F8478 : Chest (TreasChestSmallEMPTYNoRespawn), 0008B1F0 : Chest (TreasCWImperialChestBossLarge), 0008B1E8 : Chest (TreasCWImperialChestBossSmall), 0010EE0C : Chest (TreasCWImperialChestCWMission07), 0008B1F1 : Chest (TreasCWSonsChestBossLarge), 0008B1E9 : Chest (TreasCWSonsChestBossSmall), 0010EE0B : Chest (TreasCWSonsChestCWMission07), 00020672 : Chest (TreasDraugrChestEMPTYLarge), 000AD6D4 : Chest (TreasDraugrChestEMPTYSmall), 00094F0E : Chest (TreasDwarvenChestBossEMPTY), 0002069A : Chest (TreasDwarvenChestLarge), 000F3AF7 : Chest (TreasDwarvenChestLargeEMPTY), 00020650 : Chest (TreasDwarvenChestSmall), 00094F10 : Chest (TreasDwarvenChestSmallEMPTY), 00020653 : Chest (TreasDwarvenJewelryBox), 000EF052 : Chest (TreasExplorerLootChest), 000FCB25 : Chest (TreasExplorerLootChestSnow), 000B1176 : Chest (TreasFalmerChestBossDwarven), 00020658 : Chest (TreasForswornChestBoss), 00020667 : Chest (TreasHagravenChestBoss), 00020661 : Chest (TreasWerewolfChestBoss), 000F6891 : Coffin (MarkarthCoffin01container), 000F6892 : Coffin (MarkarthCoffin02container), 0010E7E5 : Confiscated Goods (RiftenConfiscatedGoodsChest), 00039FB8 : Courier Items (WICourierContainer), 00015BAB : Cupboard (SeptimusSignusCupboard), 000D30D1 : Daedric Relic (dunMiddenRelicContainer), 000EBAD8 : Desecrated Corpse (DesecratedImperial), 000EBE06 : Desecrated Corpse (DesecratedStormCloak), 00020668 : Dessicated Corpse (TreasSpiderWebCorpseHuman), 00023969 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse01), 0008008F : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse02), 00080090 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse03), 00080091 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse04), 00080092 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse05), 00080093 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse06), 00080094 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpse07), 000DB047 : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpseSitting), 0008008D : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpseWrapped01), 0008008E : Draugr (TreasDraugrAmbushCorpseWrapped02), 0006A0DB : Dwemer Convector (MGRConvector), 0003278A : Dwemer Lockbox (DA04DwemerLockbox), 000E317B : End Table (CompanionsKodlakNightTable01), 000267E7 : Evidence Chest (EvidenceChestStolenGoods), 00075CE6 : Festus Krex (DBFestusKrexBody), 000B8F32 : Grelka’s Strongbox (RiftenGrelkaStrongbox), 000F68AE : Guild Master’s Tribute Chest (TGTributeChest), 0006491F : Hollowed-Out Rock (DBTortureVictimContainer1), 00064922 : Hollowed-Out Rock (DBTortureVictimContainer3), 00064921 : Hollowed-Out Tree Stump (DBTortureVictimContainer2), 00064923 : Hollowed-Out Tree Stump (DBTortureVictimContainer4), 0008836C : Honningbrew Mead Barrel (HonningbrewMeadBarrel01), 0005CB12 : Honningbrew Mead Barrel (HonningbrewMeadBarrelEmpty), 00020FBB : Ildene’s Wardrobe (MS01CIldenesWardrobe), 0003C59C : Ingun’s Alchemy Chest (FFRiften04IngunChest), 000D30CC : Investigators Chest (dunMiddenInvestigationChest), 00051618 : Invisible Chest (DA07QuestObjectChest), 000D0753 : Invisible Chest (MGRitual04PlayerItemChest), 000F03EE : J’zhar’s Pack (dunAlftandJzharsPack), 000B8589 : Jorgen’s Chest (DA07JorgenChest), 0001722D : Knapsack (MQ101TorturerSatchel), 0010E886 : Large Sack (MiscSackLarge_NoRespawn), 00097F6C : Large Sack (MiscSackLargeFlat01), 0010E883 : Large Sack (MiscSackLargeFlat01_NoRespawn), 00097F6E : Large Sack (MiscSackLargeFlat02), 0010E887 : Large Sack (MiscSackLargeFlat02_NoRespawn), 00097F70 : Large Sack (MiscSackLargeFlat03), 0008B6F6 : Love Repository (T02LibraryBox), 000A6F8B : Lycan Stash (C01ObserverWerewolfStorage), 0002BA17 : Lycan Stash (PlayerWerewolfStorage), 000B8F40 : Madesi’s Satchel (RiftenMadesiSatchel), 00076F13 : Madesi’s Strongbox (TG00MadesiChest), 000D4FFD : Mammoth (POICorpseFrozenMammoth), 0004EC4F : Mralki’s Chest (RoriksteadFreeformMralkisChest), 000D7770 : Niranye’s Safe (TGTQ04NiranyesSafe), 000FF20A : Nystrom’s Satchel (TG09NystromsSatchel), 000CE739 : Offering Box (dunMiddenAtronachForgeBox), 000997FE : Pot (SpitPotClosed01AlchemyCommon), 000997FF : Pot (SpitPotClosedLoose01AlchemyCommon), 000F1461 : Potion Rack (PlayerPotionRackContainer), 00108D36 : Prisoner Belongings Chest (EvidenceChestPlayerInventory), 00102EB8 : Red Wave Safe (TGTQ02RedWaveSafe), 000AF265 : Reyda’s Satchel (FFI02ReydaSatchel), 00020FB9 : Rhiada’s Wardrobe (MS01CRhiadasWardrobe), 000DC173 : Sabine’s Footlocker (TGTQ02SabineChest), 000813B8 : Sabjorn’s Dresser (TG03SabjornChest), 0010E888 : Sack (MiscSack02LargeFlat_NoRespawn), 0010E889 : Sack (MiscSack02Small_NoRespawn), 0010E88A : Sack (MiscSack02SmallFlat_NoRespawn), 00085D53 : Sarthis’s Satchel (FFRiften20SarthisSatchel), 000F4A19 : Satchel (dunTreasMapDBridgeSatchel), 000252A6 : Silus’s Chest (DA07SilusChest), 0002AC72 : Stripped Items (DA15Container), 000F0402 : Sulla Trebatius’s Pack (dunAlftandSullasPack), 000D8E4B : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestCaravanAtahba), 000D8E4C : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestCaravanMajhad), 000D8E4D : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestCaravanZaynabi), 000D882F : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestEndon), 000D8830 : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestEnthir), 000D882D : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestGulumEi), 000D8831 : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestMallus), 000D882E : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestNiranye), 000D54C5 : Thieves Guild Fence Chest (TGFenceMerchantChestTonilia), 000BF144 : Urn (TreasRuinsUrnLarge01EMPTY), 000BF145 : Urn (TreasRuinsUrnLarge02EMPTY), 000F8477 : Urn (TreasRuinsUrnLargeEmptyNoRespawn), 000A9198 : Vacant Beehive (BeeHiveVacant), 000C04C0 : Vald’s Strongbox (FVDStrongbox), 000DDEF7 : Velehk Sain’s Locker (dunMiddenVelehkRewardChest), 000B622D : Warden’s Chest (MQ101WardenChest), 000C2A05 : Wardrobe (NobleChestDrawers01), 000C2A04 : Wardrobe (NobleChestDrawers02), 00087900 : Waterlogged Chest (FFRiften08BrandSheiChest), 00062F5D : Waterlogged Chest (FFWinterholdBChest01), 00062F5F : Waterlogged Chest (FFWinterholdBChest02), 00020669 : Web Sac (TreasSpiderWebSacSkeever), 0010EB29 : Wisp Core (wispCorpseContainer), 00043E29 : Wylandriah’s Satchel (FFFRiften14Satchel01), 00043E2C : Wylandriah’s Satchel (FFFRiften14Satchel02), 00043E2D : Wylandriah’s Satchel (FFFRiften14Satchel03), 000B7736 : 123 Abc Def Ghijklmnop Qrstu VWXYZ 123456789 (QABook), 0001AFB3 : 16 Accords of Madness, v. IX (Book4RareSixteenAccordsofMadnessV9), 0001AFB2 : 16 Accords of Madness, v. VI (Book4RareSixteenAccordsofMadnessV6), 0001AFB1 : 16 Accords of Madness, v. XII (Book4RareSixteenAccordsofMadnessV12), 0001ACE4 : 2920, Evening Star, v12 (Book3Valuable2920v12a), 0001ACE5 : 2920, First Seed, v3 (Book3Valuable2920v3a), 0001AFEA : 2920, Frostfall, v10 (SkillConjuration4), 0001AFE9 : 2920, Hearth Fire, v9 (SkillConjuration3), 0001B01F : 2920, Last Seed, v8 (SkillSneak2), 0001AFF7 : 2920, MidYear, v6 (SkillHeavyArmor2), 0001AFD9 : 2920, Morning Star, v1 (SkillOneHanded2), 0001B017 : 2920, Rain’s Hand, v4 (SkillRestoration4), 0001B025 : 2920, Second Seed, v5 (SkillSpeechcraft3), 0001B010 : 2920, Sun’s Dawn, v2 (SkillIllusion2), 0001ACE3 : 2920, Sun’s Dusk, v11 (Book3Valuable2920v11a), 0001B00C : 2920, Sun’s Height, v7 (Book02920v7), 000ED08F : à â é è ê ë ù û ü î ï ô ç (QAbookFrench), 0001ACDF : A Children’s Anuad (Book2ReligiousChildrensAnuad), 0001AFC0 : A Dance in Fire, v1 (Book0DanceInFireV1), 0001AFDF : A Dance in Fire, v2 (SkillBlock3), 0001AFD4 : A Dance in Fire, v3 (Book0DanceInFireV3), 0001AFC1 : A Dance in Fire, v4 (Book0DanceInFireV4), 0001B006 : A Dance in Fire, v5 (Book4RareADanceInFireV5), 0001B00D : A Dance in Fire, v6 (SkillSpeechcraft1), 0001B00E : A Dance in Fire, v7 (SkillSpeechcraft2), 000ED02F : A Dream of Sovngarde (Book2CommonDreamOfSovngarde), 000ED090 : à é è è ì ó ò ù É È Ì Ó Ò Á Ù (QABookItalian), 000ED092 : á é í ó ú ñ ü ç ¿ ¡ ª º Á É Í Ó Ú Ñ Ü Ç (QABookSpanish), 0001AFC4 : A Game at Dinner (SkillAlchemy1), 000ED02E : A Gentleman’s Guide to Whiterun (Book1CheapWhiterun), 0001AFEE : A Hypothetical Treachery (SkillDestruction3), 000A0322 : A Kiss, Sweet Mother (Book2ReligiousAKissSweetMother), 000F1AB3 : A Minor Maze (Book2CommonAMinorMaze), 000ED091 : ä ö ü ß Ä Ö Ü (QAbookgerman), 000B1260 : A Scrawled Note (WEJS12DA01WarlockNote), 0002F838 : A Tragedy in Black (SkillEnchanting2), 000F6928 : A Warning (LetterRiftenRaggedFlagon01), 000F6843 : Admonition Against Ebony (DA08EbonyBladeHistory), 000403AF : Adonato’s Book (FavorAdonatoBook), 0001B01C : Advances in Lockpicking (SkillLockpicking4), 000D95E3 : Adventurer’s Journal (dunPOIChillwindJournal1), 0001B22C : Aedra and Daedra (Book2ReligiousAedraandDaedra), 0001ACE6 : Aevar Stone-Singer (SkillPickpocket3), 00045F94 : Afflicted’s Note (DA13AfflictedJournal01), 00083AE8 : Agrius’s Journal (dunHalldirsCairnJournal), 0001AFF3 : Ahzirr Traajijazeri (Book0AhzirrTraajijazeri), 00065C35 : Aicantar’s Lab Journal (dunMarkarthWizard_LabJournal), 0003A523 : Alchemist’s Journal (DunPoiAlchemistsJournal), 000CE5BD : Alchemist’s Journal (dunPOIFallForestRyan01Journal), 0006DF90 : Alchemist’s Note (dunForelhostAlchemistNote01), 000EA5B0 : Alduin is Real (Book2CommonAlduinEntAkatosh), 000C370E : Alethius’s Notes (dunNchuandAlethiusNote), 000F68A2 : All Employees Must Read!

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