The best way to ensure a long and happy relationship with a purebred dog is to purchase from a responsible breeder. PLATINUM LEVEL OF ACHIEVEMENT: Minimum of 100 dogs earning titles with a minimum of 60 having earned prefix titles. Hello and welcome to Braxena Eurasiers! - web directory established in 2006. It is your responsibility to investigate. Please, change your search criteria and try again. Quality Puppies USA is a puppy placement service in Central Florida. They boast having the wedge-shaped head and the striking almond-shaped eyes of the Spitz matching the delightful, gentle and friendly nature of both parent breeds. Breeder Referral Search - The best way to ensure a long and happy relationship with a purebred dog is to purchase from a responsible breeder. Enter your zip or postal code above to access our up-to-date directory). Male 1 - Reserved. ... Florida. Below is a sample search of our Eurasier breeders with puppies for sale. See If you are in Virginia, Bluefield is almost on the state line near Roanoke, VA...Remi is a Labrador/ Coonhound mix - a waggy-tailed 65 pound bundle of fun. This breeder... has proven their dedication to preserving breed characteristics View Breeders by Breed or Location Breeders By Breed Click on breed to see listings (If a breed isn't listed, no listings have been submitted for that breed yet) A [Afghan Hound (1)] [Airedale Terrier Search Dogs & Puppies Markwright Keeshond is nationally recognized for breeding quality and award-winning Keeshonden. Find Akita Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Akita information. Find Eurasier Puppies on www.petzl.. View Eurasier|Cesky Terrier|Pug Breeders near you. Neighborhood kids often come to play with them, and we also take them to the green market. Learn more about Pacific Shelties in Florida. The search tool above returns a list of breeders located nearest to the zip or postal code you enter. We would strongly recommend that new owners select an assured breeder from the puppy lists on the Find a Puppy service to help ensure the best chance of finding a well-bred puppy and having a rewarding dog-owning experience. We worked our way through the list until we came to “Eurasier.” We both had things that we wanted … See dog breeds similar to Eurasier . We also practice Puppy Culture. Welcome to our Florida Teacup Puppies information page. Disclaimer: This is a list of current assured breeders who meet all the scheme requirements and who have been issued with a UKAS certificate. Heartland Eurasiers is a preservation breeder in the U.S. that health tests all of their dogs. We are located in California, and are delighted to be a part of making healthy, happy, Eurasier puppies by being the best Eurasier breeder we can be. Eurasier Puppies available for sale in United States from top breeders and individuals. MountainThunder Chinooks is located in Ft. Collins, CO. Our "kennel" is our home, as we are hobby breeders trying to help contribute to the preservation of the Chinook breed. After tireless research I finally got my first Eurasier, at Naku's Kennel up in Canada, and what a joy little Naku's Tiffany was. Click on the link for more portraits and links to their pedigrees. Eurasier information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, and the AKC breed standard. To date, over 100 AKC Champions of Record have been documented, including Best in Show, Specialty Winners, Sweepstakes Winners and Group Winners. My first time meeting the love of my life at 9 weeks old in Nova Scotia from Josie. The Benefits of Physiotherapy for your Dog. Thank you for visiting my page, and congratulations on finding the most exceptional dog breed! You can browse thru list of Eurasier Breeders or consider adopting Eurasier dog. Our goal is to breed for the elements that make a good working dog - health, temperament, structure and movement. At this site you can learn more about the Eurasier and if it is the right dog for you! From there you can see photos of their pups, find detailed information on their web page and contact them by e-mail, phone and even get driving directions. Eurasier Appearance Eurasian is a medium-sized well constructed, a balanced dog of Spitz type that has inherited many of their parent breed traits. All Akita found here are from AKC-Registered parents. The breed is neither sporting nor working. Find Eurasier|Dalmatian|Boerboel_ Dogs & Puppies for sale in Archbold. Our puppies are well socialized in our home. Search Dog Breeders in Usae=3 on Dog Breeders Gallery. Read more. Florida: Eurasier Breeders. We are a Natural Rearing dog breeder of a very rare and special breed called Eurasier. Eurasier for sale in United States. We started in alphabetical order of all dog breeds. Little naïve me, I thought there were Eurasier breeders all over the States, just like any other breed, but in fact there were none. See How to Find a Dog. The search tool above returns a list of breeders located nearest to the zip or postal code you enter. Breeders of Merit are denoted by level in ascending order of: Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Our Eurasier journey began in 2006 when my husband and I starting looking for a breed of dog that fit our lifestyle. Eventually, I discovered the Eurasier.

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